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Curtain tilts

Curtain tarpaulins are one of the most economical and ergonomic solutions in transport. Their use allows the vehicle to be operated by one person and quick preparation for the loading and unloading process.

The choice of curtain tarpaulins is not only an economical solution, but also an investment in the comfort, efficiency and ergonomics of the vehicle loading and unloading process.


in the production of tilts


Thanks to their construction, curtain tarpaulins are extremely practical and easy to use. They allow free access to the cargo space, thanks to which you can load or unload the vehicle quickly and efficiently. The mechanism for opening and closing the curtain tilts is ergonomic, allowing it to be operated by one person without the need for additional support.

Economical solution.

In addition, curtain tilts are economical in operation. Their lightweight design and ease of use save time and labor costs. Compared to traditional side walls or doors, curtain tarpaulins enable much faster loading and unloading, which translates into increased efficiency and productivity of transport operations.